Collection: Maths Tuition

When necessary, students taking Maths tuition should return to basics and reinforce their times tables knowledge. This is done in a fun way, playing games and learning rhymes; clearly the personal interaction is the most important part of cementing tricky topics. When students enjoy learning they relax and see themselves as able to achieve. Their tutor and class mates quickly acknowledge success and the students begin to believe in themselves once again.

Nifty number bonds; fun with fractions; delightful division; laughing at long multiplication, our list of activities is endless. However all of this is supported with plenty of pen and paper practice and tutor support. The tutor can see if a student is struggling and help immediately, this is essential for shy students who are reluctant to raise their hands and ask for help. Once students have mastered a topic they can embed the knowledge with homework, which is rewarded with prizes.

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