Year 6 Recommended Workbooks For English & Maths

Year 6 Recommended Workbooks


CGP are an excellent provider of workbooks aimed at Year 6 students. They are thorough, offering clear explanations on how to do topics and the answers are included in the books.


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The Maths covers the entire syllabus for the SATs and continues to be good practice to prepare students for secondary school. It covers topics such as: fractions, percentages, algebra and many more. Each page is clearly laid out and the questions vary to avoid boredom which can easily discourage Year 6 students.

If you find your child is taking a long time to do a page, they are probably stuck and they need your help. CGP offer a website which you can access using the code on each book and the topics are explained once again here. There are not too many questions on each page so that students are not overwhelmed with the amount they must do.

I recommend students do one page and then mark it going back to make any corrections where necessary. This empowers them to check their own work and to praise themselves in addition to receiving lost of praise from you.

A word of warning: please check your child’s work every time they complete a page and offer help, support, and encouragement. This is invaluable. It is what we do at the Jacqui Robinson Education Centre and it leads to motivated, highly educated, happy young people with high self-esteem. If you need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Buy This Book

Buy This Book

This series contains a comprehension book; a handwriting book and a spelling, punctuation and grammar book. These are all excellent resources to use at home. The pages are clear, modern and have good quality questions with up-to-date answers. Students do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of work on each page. I highly recommend this series.

Helpful information

Much as we love buying lots of books for our children and giving them to them to get on with, children are rarely as excited about a large pile of workbooks to do as we would expect them to be. Drip feed these books in one at a time to avoid that sense of never getting to the end. Reward your child with another book when they have finished one and please remember lots of lots of praise and support. It is usually best if your child can do the work in the same room as you so that they don’t feel isolated and lose concentration.

Our Tuition For Year 6 Students

Here at the Jacqui Robinson Education Centre, we make learning fun, interactive and exciting. Our classes are teacher led with students using pen and paper not computers. So we prepare our children, very successfully, in the way they will be tested at school. We offer traditional teaching with outstanding results. The Jacqui Robinson Education Centre is a calm, peaceful, happy, secure working environment for our students. Our ethos is linked to kindness, respect and hard work and we do not have disruptive students here. No one shouts out and everyone wants to do well. Our aim is to build a love of learning right from the beginning of school.

In Year 6 we support SATs work and prepare our students to progress to secondary school.  Our extension programme is designed to introduce more complex Maths and English skills. It is in Year 6 that we extend the use of the Maths and English rule books which are an invaluable revision guide that the students make themselves under our direction. We also support students that have had struggles at school in the past taking them to a confident, self-motivated, happy learner.

An initial assessment enables us to clearly show you what level your child is starting with us at and for us to write a detailed learning plan which we share with you so that we can all work together. If at the assessment your child is not at the appropriate level, we have schemes of work and classes to help them reach the necessary levels. We respect our parents and aim to empower and help you help your children at home.

We have a teacher with two teaching assistants working with a maximum of 12 students between them. No school offers this 1:4 student teacher ratio. The joy of working with their peers makes our students want to come back. Of course our prizes, certificates and praise also lead to confident and happy students.  Unlike school, our students are allowed to progress at their own pace. The work is specially written for them each week and we can progress children to ensure they come top of their class. If a students finds anything tricky, we have the time, patience, skills and the resources to ensure they learn successfully. For more information on our bespoke Year 6 classes, please contact us and we will be happy to answers any of our questions and get your child started on the road to success.

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