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Jacqui Robinson Education

11+ Mock Exam

11+ Mock Exam

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Why Choose the Jacqui Robinson Education 11+ Mock Examinations?

We send your child detailed, online lessons and practice work of all topics they struggled with in the exam.

This is invaluable. It personalises the entire experience and ensures your child will be able to progress and improve, leading to eventual 11+ success.

  • Our reports will be sent to you in 7 days
  • Your child will be given a position against peers in all subjects
  • You receive your child’s papers and mark schemes within a week
  • You receive online lessons and worksheets within a week
  • Children receive gifts for attending and always leave happy


The Mock Examinations have proven to be a great success in preparing students for the real CSSE 11+ Exam.

Although usually nervous when they arrive, students soon settle down.

Once having sat the papers, they leave happy and confident. We keep the atmosphere just like the 11+ actual exam. Drop off, collection and seating are similar to that of the real proceedings. This provides a good experience for parents and children.

The aims of the 11+ mock exams are:

  • To build confidence for the actual exam
  • To overcome the fear and apprehension of the exam
  • To receive a full, detailed, written report on the exam
  • To set clear targets for improvement and enable pupils to work on any weaker areas
  • To demonstrate to pupils how sitting two exams at one time affects their performance

Who can sit the 11+ mock exams?

Year 4 and Year 5 students who are looking to do the CSSE 11+ Exam are welcome to sit our 11+ Mock Exams.

Year 4 students have their own papers written to reflect the Year 4 syllabus, which is similar to the Year 5 syllabus with easier questions.

Visiting students are always welcome. The team will make them relaxed and look after them every step of the way.

A large cohort of students gives a realistic feel and an excellent indication of where a student stands in comparison to their peers.

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