What Are Grammar Schools?

What Are Grammar Schools?

Why Grammar Schools?

Grammar Schools in general are selected by academic ability. This means that your child will need to pass an academic test in both English and Maths and go on to gain sufficient marks to be offered a place at the Grammar School of your choice.

One of the great benefits of Grammar Schools is that your child will be working with other students of similar academic ability. This often works as an incentive, focusing able students, giving them high expectations. The teachers are able to progress the work quickly and students are able to achieve to their highest potential.

Often, Grammar Schools environments are calm and focused as students enjoy their studies and have a thirst for knowledge.

Selecting students at this early age can mean that the Grammar Schools achieved very high examination results making them particularly attractive to families who are aspirational for their children.

The 11+ system is not everywhere in the UK. Where it is in place, local areas can set their own examinations. Most areas follow the same style which include a Maths paper and an English paper.

Some areas include verbal reasoning and can also include non-verbal reasoning.

The Jacqui Robinson Education Centre is in Colchester, Essex, because of this I will now explain how the 11+ plus works in Essex and specifically in Colchester. It is worth noting that throughout Essex the examination is the same.

Colchester County High School For Girls


Colchester Country High School For Girls is an all-girls schools taking students from the age of 11. It is an outstanding school with a kind and caring ethos, modern state of the art amenities and enviable examinations results.

The young women who leave this school, tend to go on to be very successful in life with many of our students becoming doctors, lawyers, industry and business leaders or entering other top professional careers.

The school promotes courtesy, care and respect and aims to encourage well rounded, happy students.

It has a state of the art 25-metre swimming pool, runs The Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme and provides outstanding education in music, drama and the arts as well as a thorough traditional academic curriculum.

This school is only achievable by passing the 11+ examination with a high mark.

For the last 25 years we, at Jacqui Robinson Education Centre, have provided outstanding tuition which has enabled many hundreds of students to attend Colchester Country High School For Girls.

Several of our students from Colchester Country High School For Girls have successfully gone on to work with us here at the Jacqui Robinson Education Centre.

After finishing university, they join our Graduate Training Scheme. Many of the junior mentors currently working here prepared for their 11+ with us and are now attending Colchester County High School For Girls.

Colchester Royal Grammar School

An all-boys school from Years 7-11.

Colchester Royal Grammar School is world famous. For over 800 years it has supported young men (and now women in the sixth form) to achieve to the highest of their ability.

It is a warm, caring school which nurtures and supports its students.

Changing with the times the school has adapted and progressed; taking on board needs for change and reform. Today, it remains one of the most sought-after schools in the country with outstanding facilities including the science department and the sports grounds which are the envy of many private schools. It is open catchment which means anyone can apply to sit the examination regardless of where they live. Every year several families move to the Colchester area so their children can attend either of the two Grammar Schools.

Here at The Jacqui Robinson Education Centre we have been preparing our students for over 25 years to successfully gain places at this highly prestigious institution. We keep in touch with many of our past students who are as far afield as Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, The United States, South America, and others who remain close to home.

As with the girls Grammar School, we employ many of our successful past students as junior mentors.

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