• Fixed Regular Hours

  • Self-Employed

Junior Mentor Roles

With over 35 years of successful tuition for the Essex CSSE 11+ Examination, our pass rate is consistently over 90%.

While many hundreds of students have attended grammar school with our help, we are very proud to report that we have also had 7 students over the years who were awarded the acknowledgment of coming first in the county. Our schemes of work are successful.

Job Role

Our students receive a full pack of work each week specially made for them. Our Junior mentors help their assigned tutor with the teaching of the class and assist where needed. You'll be working with a large supportive team of mentors. We have high expectations of professionalism, appearance and friendliness. Other duties will include:

  • Making drinks.
  • Marking student’s work using a mark scheme.
  • Working with students under the teacher’s direct supervision.
  • Speaking to the teachers about each student’s results.
  • Greeting students into the building and escorting them to their class.
11+ Extra English Support

Why Jacqui Robinson Education?

  • You will change children's lives for the better. Our centres are calm and focused places of learning.
  • Our ethos of respect and consideration gives our students, tutors and mentors a place where learning is successful.
  • A supportive team will always be with you. Highest quality constant training will be given.
  • Brilliant experience for your CV.

How Does It Work?

  • You need be between 14 and 18 years old.You will work at least one shift per week; you can request more hours, you will be working a minimum 2 hours per week.
  • You need to be on target for excellent examination results.You'll work with the same Tutor each week.You will need to be reliable, friendly, kind, punctual and hard working.
  • Our shifts are from 4pm-8:30pm Monday to Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • You will be paid hourly. Training rates will apply depending on your experience.

How To Apply

Please email a copy of your CV to office@jacquirobinsoneducation.co.uk.

Please do ensure that your contact details are on your CV.