The Vital Role of Times Tables Mastery In The 11+

The Vital Role of Times Tables Mastery In The 11+

The 11+ examination is a significant milestone in a child's academic journey, marking the transition to secondary education. At Jacqui Robinson Education, we understand the importance of preparing students comprehensively for this crucial examination.

In this blog post, we will explore why a solid mastery of times tables is a key component for success in the 11+ exam.

Foundational Mathematical Proficiency

The 11+ exam assesses a child's mathematical abilities across various domains, from arithmetic to problem-solving. Times tables form the foundation of many mathematical concepts tested in the examination. A strong grasp of multiplication is essential for tackling complex mathematical problems and demonstrating proficiency in numerical reasoning.

Efficiency in Mental Arithmetic

The 11+ exam often includes sections that evaluate a child's mental arithmetic skills. Rapid recall of times tables allows students to perform calculations quickly and accurately without relying heavily on written methods. This efficiency is not only crucial for completing the exam within the allocated time but also reflects a high level of mathematical fluency.

Success in Verbal Reasoning:

Verbal reasoning, a common component of the 11+ exam, involves the ability to understand and manipulate words, letters, and numbers. Times tables mastery aids in quick mental calculations, enabling students to confidently navigate numerical aspects of verbal reasoning tasks. This skill contributes to overall success in this critical section of the examination.

Preparation for Non-Verbal Reasoning:

Non-verbal reasoning, another integral part of the 11+ exam, often includes patterns, sequences, and numerical relationships. A strong foundation in times tables enhances a child's ability to identify and analyse numerical patterns efficiently, thereby strengthening their performance in non-verbal reasoning tasks.

Boosting Confidence and Reducing Anxiety:

Confidence is a crucial element in exam success. Knowing times tables by heart gives students the assurance that they can tackle mathematical questions with ease. This self-assurance not only enhances performance but also helps reduce anxiety, allowing students to approach the 11+ exam with a positive mindset.


In the pursuit of success in the 11+ exam, times tables mastery emerges as a foundational pillar. At Jacqui Robinson Education, we recognize the transformative impact that a solid understanding of multiplication has on a child's ability to navigate the challenges of this examination. Through comprehensive preparation in our classes and a focus on times tables mastery, we aim to equip our students not only to succeed in the 11+ but also to build a robust foundation for their future academic endeavours.

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